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Our platform helps you simplify incident management, get meaningful notifications, and enable faster incident resolution. Let's get started on the mission to minimize downtime the SRE way.


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Events & Meetups

A quick glimpse into our recent events, meetups, and talks.


Nov 2019

SRE for the Masses

We conducted our first edition of 'SRE for the Masses' this November! We aim to build a community of folks who come together and share best practices to help companies ship better software faster.


Nov 2019

DBS DevConnect - 2019

Here's a look at our talk on Squadcast Actions at #DBS DevConnect 2019 and how they help make observability more actionable at scale in tech teams. Here's a glimpse : Slides


Oct 2019

JFrog Artifactory

Orchestrating reliable releases at scale with SRE by using JFrog Artifactory and Squadcast together at the JFrog DevOps Meetup in Bengaluru!

More Than Just IT Alerting

Upgrade your incident management process using our platform designed for adopting SRE best practices.

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🎉 We are live on Product Hunt right now  🎉