Incident Response and Reliability Orchestration

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SRE Visibility

Measure and improve every touchpoint that impacts customer experiences

SLI Management for Services

Squadcast allows you to track Service Level Indicators (SLIs) like uptime, latency and throughput volume. Set custom thresholds to get notified when breached.

Centralized SLO Dashboard (System Health)

See all your configured SLOs on a single dashboard. Analyze breaches instantly with a quick snapshot of SLIs rolled up for all your services.

Keep track of all the incidents

A single pane of glass to get key information on incidents.

Collaboration with your team for faster resolution

Communicate and collaborate to resolve incidents quickly with the independence of platform and location.

Response Actions

Empower your teams to take actions directly from within Squadcast when an incident occurs.You can automate: Acknowledging or resolving an incident, Rebuilding a project via Build/Deploy tools, Rebooting a server, Rolling back a feature, Running custom scripts and much more

Executable Runbooks

Take instant response for known incidents using executable runbooks

ChatOps Integration

Use the bidirectional integration to allow responses from a Slack channel.

Incident War Room

Our virtual incident war rooms on Squadcast empowers teams to get the right responders virtually in one place for collaboration. Make operations transparent by providing complete information on the incident response.

Status Pages

One of the core principles of SRE is Transparency and our status page helps you to communicate the status of your services internally to other teams or to your customers at all times.

Public Status Page

You can configure your public-facing services and their dependent components and show their status in real-time directly within Squadcast itself. Customers can subscribe to real-time updates.

Private Status Page

You can expose the status of your internal services privately to other internal teams. See who is working on an incident if the service is down. Page teams responsible for specific services.


Communicate and collaborate to resolve incidents quickly with the independence of platform and location.

Incident Postmortem

With our incident postmortem feature, you can click and build an insightful timeline in a matter of minutes. This allows you to invest your valuable time in understanding the root cause and important follow up actions. You can edit,add notes and document lessons learnt leading to a more comprehensive incident report

MTTA/MTTR Performance Report

For a given time period you can derive the MTTA/MTTR of your organisation and instantly deduce the volume and the speed at which your team is acknowledging and resolving incidents

User Based Analytics

You can also view the status of each service and for each individual or the organisation as a whole

Auto Recorded Incident Timeline

Quickly get a top level view of the incident timeline displayed in reverse chronological order as to when the incident was first triggered and assigned, who acknowledged it or re-assigned and who resolved them and when

Exportable Incident Timelines

Export Incident timelines into easily readable PDF or marked down version

Incident response mobility

Manage incidents on the go with Squadcast mobile apps for Android and iOS devices
Mobile incident management

In-depth analytics

View time period graphs for core metrics. Drill down from team-level or individual level performances.
Incident Management Analytics

Squadcast & your favourite tools

Connect Squadcast with all the tools you use for monitoring, messaging, ticketing, log management, error tracking, ITSM and so on.

Integrate Squadcast with tools like

Extend incident response capabilities with

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Squadcast applies innovative product design to enable true transparency and minimize friction in the incident response process. It really is time for SREs to have the right tool set that supports them in their mission.
Sethu Vinaitheerthan
Director of Engineering at Zenefits


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