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Uptime is highly crucial. More so during the holiday season!

How does it work?

Sign up on Squadcast before 7th January 2023
Save 10% on your monthly subscription or better yet, get 12.5% off your annual subscription!
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Customer Testimonials

Martin do Santos
Platform and Architecture Tech Lead
Bibam found their best PagerDuty Alternative in Squadcast
By moving to Squadcast from Pagerduty, we have seen a serious reduction in alert fatigue, allowing us to focus more on our development roadmap. Their support has been...
Stuart Rowe
Learn why Squadcast is TRAVLR's preferred alternative to PagerDuty and OpsGenie
When a service goes offline at 3AM, we can't rely on Slack or email alerts to wake us up. These are critical alerts and while evaluating different tools for incident management...
Leo Wong
Learn how Resolve improved their MTTA & MTTR by 30% using Squadcast
Working with external clients meant that we not only had to handle incidents, but also document event details and report it back to our clients by creating tickets. Initially, we relied...
Sandro Franchi
How Squadcast helped Tanner gain system insights and boost team productivity
Squadcast has integrated seamlessly into our DevOps and on-call team’s workflows. Thanks to their reliability metrics we have much better visibility into our systems and...
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