How Lybrate enables speedy recovery with Squadcast


Faridabad, India
Lybrate is India’s largest online doctor consultation platform.

Using Lybrate's app, users gain access to over 90,000 doctors across India from multiple specialties via text chat, voice call or video chat anytime, anywhere.

For their rapidly growing user base, providing a seamless and reliable consultation experience is essential.

Top Challenges

Hundreds of unwanted alerts leading to alert fatigue
No centralised system to analyse alerts
System sending notifications to the wrong people who cannot take action
Lack of analytics and insight on incoming incidents and overall effectiveness of response process

Squadcast Solutions

Alert suppression to subdue unwanted alerts
Centralized dashboard to manage system health and view all critical issues in the infrastructure and application layers
Custom escalation policies designed for each particular service to ensure notifications reach the right responders
Incident Reporting, Incident timelines and war rooms for 360 degree analysis and deeper insight into response workflows
We could speedup our incident response by upgrading from disparate tools to Squadcast. My team now focuses only on issues that matter and work together to resolve incidents much faster than we used to.
Utkarsh Tripathi
DevOps Engineer

Key Benefits

Eliminated Alert Fatigue
Auto-suppression of noisy alerts ensured that the team is focused on critical incidents that need attention.
Lower Resolution Times
Faster resolutions was possible with better escalations and seamless collaboration on the war room.
Operational Transparency
Everyone on the team gets a complete picture over the state of the system, who is working on what, and the overall incident response operations.
Better End-user Experience
The application downtime reduced significantly with the help of Squadcast leading to happier customers for Lybrate.

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