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Track SLIs to keep your SLOs healthy

Squadcast allows you to track Service Level Indicators (SLIs) like latency and status code. Set custom thresholds to get notified when breached.

Inspect SLOs on a dashboard

See all your configured SLOs on a single dashboard. Analyze breaches instantly with a quick snapshot of SLIs.

Use automated actions to reduce toil

Take automated actions for faster incident resolutions without leaving Squadcast. Get the capability of delegating incident response to non-subject matter experts.

Collaborate with your team for faster resolution

Use virtual incident war rooms on Squadcast to get the right responders virtually in one place for collaboration. Make operations transparent by providing complete information on the incident response.

Bring mobility to your incident response

Allow responders to view schedules, incidents, and collaborate on the go. Squadcast simplifies mobile incident management with a clean and simple UI.
Squadcast is a truly amazing product - simple, powerful and easy to use. I am really happy with their noise suppression feature which gets rid of unwanted alerts. And automated incident resolution with actions gives me a lot of peace of mind when I am on-call.
Travis Loveall
Engineer at ADT

Squadcast is an Incident Management Platform with the SRE DNA

Squadcast is an incident management platform purpose-built for SRE.
We provide tools for SRE, response automation, on-call, and much more.

Some More Features

On-call Scheduling
Escalation Policies
Alert Suppression
✓ In-depth Analytics
✓ Incident Timelines
✓ Status Pages
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