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Squadcast DEX
SLO Dashboard
Squadcast Actions
Breakthrough Search
War Room
Event Tags
Postmortems and Automated Timelines
Actions & Runbooks
One realtime view for your entire team. Always up-to-date.
Make decisions in the midst of incidents without worrying about stale information or communication lags.
Use our powerful and flexible engine to set key Service Level Objectives (SLOs) on DEX-backed SLIs (ranging from latency to status codes) that truly reflect your service level targets. Precisely define how orchestration should work post an SLO breach.
Take actions, including rebuilds, rollbacks, and many more in response to critical incidents right from within Squadcast. Maximum incident response. Minimum context switches.
Google-level search capabilities that give you superpowers during incident response.
Bidirectional Slack support for collaboration and annotation features allow for recording incident activity accurately.
Our virtual incident war room on Squadcast empowers teams to get the right responders virtually in one place for collaboration. Make operations transparent by providing complete information on the incident response.
Event tagging can help you add relevant information to incoming incidents to make it more context-rich for the responder. You can auto assign tags to events using rules and also filter and organise events with tags.
With our incident postmortem feature, you can click and build an insightful timeline in a matter of minutes. We also have a few pre-defined postmortem templates from the likes of Google, Azure and others. You can also choose to create new templates/modify existing ones. Available to download in MD and PDF formats.

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🎉 We are live on Product Hunt right now  🎉