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Opsgenie vs. Pagerduty: A detailed comparison of the Incident Alerting tools

Ever woken up to your phone ablaze with notifications, your heart rate spiking at the dreaded thought of another IT apocalypse? We've all been there. That's where incident alerting and response platforms like Opsgenie and Pagerduty come in. But which one should you choose? In this blog post, we have compared Opsgenie Vs Pagerduty across key parameters to help you decide.

Feature Opsgenie Pagerduty
On-Call Management and Scheduling Detailed scheduling dashboard with on-call rotations and overrides with easy timezone management. The scheduling dashboard is exhaustive but is comparatively complex to manage especially when overrides are to be implemented.
Alerting Adequate alerting rules and customizable escalation policies. Multiple alerting channels like email, SMS, phone calls, Chatops, etc. are available. Highly sophisticated alerting rules, and robust escalation policies. Covers all the alerting channels with a higher range of Chatops integration to send alerts to. Also comes with an AIOps add-on that helps in noise reduction and curbing alert fatigue.
Incident Response Basic incident response functions like Runbooks, collaboration features, and bi-directional integrations with ITSM tools are available. Robust incident response features with response automation, stakeholder communication, Runbook automation, and a wider range of ITSM integrations.
Integrations Wide range of integrations: 500+ with monitoring tools, ITSM platforms, and other systems. Deep integrations with the Atlassian ecosystem. 700+ integrations with Strong API capabilities for custom integrations.
Pricing Paid plans start at $11/month/user. Lower-tier plans come with significant misses in basic features. There is also a very limited free plan available with just 5 users and a free trial of 14 days across all plans. Paid plans start at $25/month/user. However, most of the advanced alerting and incident response features have to be purchased separately as a bundle addon which makes it pricey.

On-Call Management & Scheduling: 

On-Call Management & Scheduling - Opsgenie

Both Opsgenie and Pagerduty aim to make On-Call experience as smooth as possible. Opsgenie takes a user-friendly approach with a clear and intuitive scheduling dashboard, like having a virtual assistant for your on-call woes. Pagerduty offers a similarly robust dashboard, but it can feel a bit like navigating a spaceship cockpit at first. The learning curve is steeper, especially when dealing with overrides and complex scheduling scenarios. Both handle on-call management well, but Opsgenie wins on user-friendliness, making those late-night callouts a little less stressful.


Pageduty alerting dashboard

When it comes to alerting, Opsgenie provides the basics: flexible rules, customizable escalation policies, and the essential channels to get the message across. But for advanced needs, like AI-powered noise reduction or fancy ChatOps integrations, you'll have to dig deeper (and pay extra). Pagerduty steps up with its sophisticated alerting engine. Think granular rules, a plethora of notification channels (including the trendy ChatOps integration), and even machine learning to silence the noise and alert you only when it truly matters. Pagerduty takes the alerting crown with its advanced capabilities and diverse notification options. 

Incident Response: 

Opsgenie Incident response

When it comes to incident response Opsgenie offers the essentials: Runbooks for guidance, collaboration tools to keep everyone on the same page, and basic integrations with ITSM platforms. Pagerduty on the other hand comes equipped with a powerful incident response arsenal. Think automated actions, real-time stakeholder updates, Runbook automation, and deep integrations with major ITSM platforms like Jira and ServiceNow. It's like having a superhero sidekick to handle the incident response heavy lifting. Pagerduty dominates the incident response arena with its built-in features and seamless ITSM integration. 


Opsgenie Integrations

Opsgenie boasts a respectable library of over 500 integrations with monitoring tools, ITSM platforms, and other systems. You'll likely find the essential connections you need. Pagerduty raises the bar with a whopping 700+ integrations, including deep connections with the Atlassian ecosystem (Jira, Confluence, etc.). It's like having a universal translator for all your IT tools. For sheer quantity and depth of integrations, Pagerduty takes the gold. No matter what tools you use, there's a good chance Pagerduty can connect them all.


Pagerduty pricing

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room: cost. After all, even the best tools are useless if they break the bank. Opsgenie starts at a budget-friendly $11 per month per user Pagerduty comes in at a slightly higher $25 per month per user, now that would have been a fair premium to pay if it had all the swanky features we talked about. But that isn’t the case, advanced features like response automation come in separate add-on bundles, which quickly bump up the price. 

To conclude, Opsgenie shines with its user-friendly on-call scheduling and budget-friendly pricing. But for powerful alerting, robust incident response, and deep integrations, Pagerduty takes the lead. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your needs and budget. If you prioritize affordability and ease of use, Opsgenie might be your hero. But if you crave advanced features and seamless platform integration, Pagerduty might be your champion if you are ready to break the bank. 

If you are ready to look beyond these two options you will not have to make such huge compromises. We at Squadcast offer most of what Pagerduty offers in terms of swanky incident response automation, a robust alerting system, a better On-Call scheduler, custom integrations, SLO tracking, Status Pages, and more at Opsgenie’s cost! Our paid plans start at $16 for our premium and $21 for enterprise. Getting started is simple just sign up for our 14-day free trial and explore Squadcast at your pace.

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Squadcast is a leader in Incident Management on G2 Squadcast is a leader in Mid-Market IT Service Management (ITSM) Tools on G2 Squadcast is a leader in Americas IT Alerting on G2
Best IT Management Products 2024 Squadcast is a leader in Europe IT Alerting on G2 Squadcast is a leader in Enterprise Incident Management on G2
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