How Squadcast enabled better operational visibility
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With over 14 TB traffic a month and over 13 million API hits, service uptime is crucial, needless to say.

Top Challenges

Visibility: Visibility across departments came at a steep price as there was a cost associated for every stakeholder
Analytics: Unable to measure MTTR and MTTA with their current alerting tool
Unpredictable Cost: During a massive migration, billed multiple times for the same alerts thus increasing overall cost of alert cycle
Difficult Scheduling: Non-intuitive feature of their current tool made scheduling a  tiring task

Squadcast Solutions

Complete Visibility: Free and unlimited stakeholder licenses allows customer support, product managers and others to get on the same page as operations
Squadcast Analytics: Squadcast Runbooks resolve incidents quickly and bring down MTTR significantly
Pricing Clarity: Fair, Transparent and flexible pricing
Easy Scheduling: Automated scheduling leads to quick & accurately routed on-call notifications

Key Benefits

Operational Transparency
All team members get a complete picture over the state of the system, who is working on what, and the overall incident response operations.
Faster Resolution with Collaboration
Virtual incident war rooms on Squadcast helped to get the right responders virtually in one place for collaboration.
Better on-call Scheduling
Scheduling on-call responders with customized rotations and timezones is a breeze with Squadcast .
Reduced MTTR
Ability to instantly respond to known incidents using executable runbooks helped in reducing overall MTTR.
We got our whole team on Squadcast. The free unlimited stakeholders feature took care of all the visibility issues we were facing with our previous alerting tool. I firmly believe that an alerting system needs to be as efficient as any other service by being consistent, and with Squadcast we achieved precisely this goal. We were able to connect the incidents from various monitoring applications to the right stakeholders. Achieved better operational transparency, collaboration and assurance of SLAs
Abhishek Nandi

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