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Squadcast vs. Moogsoft: Reliability Automation Platform Vs. AIOps Platform

May 9, 2024
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Squadcast: A Reliability Automation Platform that helps organizations manage their end-to-end incident lifecycle, automating incident response, reducing downtime, and enhancing tech team delivery.

Moogsoft: Provides event correlation and automation, powered by AIOps, that helps operations teams detect, respond, and resolve IT incidents faster.


Managing incidents is complex—juggling alerts, coordinating on-call schedules, and communicating effectively are crucial for a smooth response. In this comparison, we look at Squadcast, a unified incident management platform, and Moogsoft, an AIOps-focused solution. Both platforms aim to enhance team collaboration, improve incident response times, and minimize downtime. We'll explore their strengths to help you pick the perfect tool for your team.

How is Squadcast different from Moogsoft?

Platform Focus

Squadcast provides a comprehensive solution with end-to-end incident management, including event aggregation & correlation based on AI/MLOps, on-call management, SRE-driven incident response, and continuous learning—all without the need for additional tools. Moogsoft focuses on ingesting logs, metrics, traces, and events, applying ML to correlate data and often requires third-party tools for complete incident management and on-call responses.

On-Call Management

Squadcast offers an intuitive on-call experience with advanced rotations, native service health visualizations, and comprehensive alerting and notification capabilities. Moogsoft relies on third-party tools like PagerDuty for on-call management, which can increase complexity and costs.

SRE Practices

Squadcast is SRE-driven, supporting SLOs, error budgets, and status pages, covering automation from ingestion to resolution to reduce manual toil. Moogsoft, however, primarily focuses on SLA management and lacks in-depth consideration for SLIs, SLOs, and does not provide native status pages.

Feature Comparison

On-Call Management

Incident Dashboard in Squadcast
Feature Squadcast Moogsoft
Schedules & Escalation Policies, Round Robin Escalations Green check Flexible, multi-layered with time or event triggers Red cross Limited, requires separate policies for time & event triggers
Alerting Green check Yes, all popular monitoring tool integration Green check Comprehensive Alerting after correlating events
On Call Scheduling Green check Built-in, with calendar syncing and mobile app Red cross Requires integration with external tools
Teams & Squads Green check Flexible team creation and management. Create multiple teams & unlimited squads. Red cross Limited, focused on individual user roles. To categorize users, there are Roles, Tags & Escalation Policies.
On Call Management Green check Built-in, comprehensive scheduling Red cross Requires external integration
Service Catalog & Service Graph Green check Visually comprehensive Red cross Basic application & service mapping capabilities. No service graph.
Escalation Policies Green check Flexible assignment to teams/groups Red cross Basic notification routing

Event Aggregation & Correlation:

Event Aggregation & Correlation in Moogsoft
Feature Squadcast Moogsoft
Deduplication -Green check Uses machine learning to identify and group similar alerts into single incidents. -Red cross AI-powered alert filtering and deduplication based on various criteria.
Suppression Green check Customizable alert rules allow suppressing specific alerts or patterns. Easier configuration. -Red cross Alert suppression based on predefined conditions. Complex configuration.
Maintenance Green check Squadcast's scheduling interface is more user-friendly. -Red cross Available but complex
Alert Routing & Tagging Green check Squadcast's interface has simpler routing & is flexible. -Red cross Available
Global Event Rulesets Green check Easier global rules to manage large teams. -Red cross Yes

Both Squadcast and Moogsoft offer robust event aggregation and correlation functionalities. Squadcast integrates this with on-call, incident response, AIOps, automations, and SRE workflows into a single platform, offering a more holistic approach to incident management.

Incident Response with SRE:

Slack Integration in Squadcast
Feature Squadcast Moogsoft
Status Pages Stakeholder notifications Green check Yes Red cross No, External integration required
Runbooks -Green check Execute runbooks manually or automatically.
Version control for runbooks.
-Green check Web-based editor with syntax highlighting.
Red cross No
Postmortems Yes Red cross No
Depth of Actions performed from features like Slack, MS teams Green check Rich actions like creating incidents, resolving incidents, assigning owners, adding notes, and more.
Green check Deep integration
Red cross Limited actions like acknowledging incidents, adding notes, and escalating.
Red cross Less context-aware suggestions for actions.
ChatOps Integrations (How many tools possible) Green check Wider range of popular chat tools, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat. Red cross Utilizes Slack API & Alert Webhook ChatOp integration with basic incident actions
Incident Notes, adding collaborators to Incidents Green check Rich text editor for detailed notes.
Green check Easy to add collaborators and assign roles. - Notes visible to all collaborators
Red cross Adding collaborators requires more steps.
Red cross Notes might not be visible to all collaborators depending on permissions.
Incident activity timeline Green check Yes Red cross Yes

Squadcast facilitates end-to-end incident response, from triage to root cause analysis, enriched with AI/ML capabilities for continuous learning. It enhances incident response with collaboration tools and stakeholder alignment via status pages. Moogsoft, while strong in AI-based event management, focuses less on comprehensive incident response workflows.


Squadcast Pricing: Transparent pricing starts at $21 per user per month, covering all reliability workflows available on the platform.

Moogsoft Pricing: The base plan begins at $417 per month plus a setup fee. Custom enterprise plans are available only through direct contact with sales, which may increase costs due to paying for multiple functionalities across different tools.

Choosing the Right Platform

Choosing the right incident management tool depends on your organization’s specific needs. Squadcast offers an all-in-one platform that simplifies the management of incidents with integrated features and straightforward pricing. Moogsoft, with its AIOps focus, is suitable for teams needing advanced event correlation capabilities but may require additional tools for complete incident management. Consider what aspects of incident management are most critical to your operations to make the best choice.

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Squadcast is a leader in Incident Management on G2 Squadcast is a leader in Mid-Market IT Service Management (ITSM) Tools on G2 Squadcast is a leader in Americas IT Alerting on G2
Best IT Management Products 2024 Squadcast is a leader in Europe IT Alerting on G2 Squadcast is a leader in Enterprise Incident Management on G2
Users love Squadcast on G2
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