Guide To Best Incident Management Software

November 20, 2023
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Guide To Best Incident Management Software
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    Avoiding downtime is imperative. To keep you sturdy against any unplanned disruptions there are Incident Management tools ensuring quick response, efficient resolution, and minimal impact on operations. 

    This blog aims to be your go-to guide for navigating the diverse landscape of Incident Management platforms. We'll provide a direct and concise overview of the top solutions that keep businesses running smoothly  and the essential information you need to make an informed choice for seamless incident response in your IT environment. Let’s dive in.

    The Need For Incident Management Tools

    Whether it's a system glitch, a cybersecurity threat, or a service outage, disruptions can have a significant impact on business operations. This is where Incident Management tools come into play, providing a structured and efficient approach to detect, respond to, and resolve incidents swiftly.

    What is an Incident Management software?

    An Incident Management tool helps organizations to manage and respond to incidents. It provides a central place to track incidents, communicate with stakeholders, and collaborate on resolutions. Incident Management tools also help automate tasks, such as sending alerts and escalating incidents.

    The necessity of an Incident Management tool hinges on the scale and intricacy of your IT infrastructure and business complexity. For smaller setups with straightforward operations, managing incidents without a dedicated tool may suffice. However, in the case of expansive IT frameworks and complex business structures, leveraging an Incident Management tool becomes crucial for efficient and effective incident handling. How?

    Benefits of Incident Management tool

    An Incident Management tool benefits you in the following ways:

    1. Offers you a centralized platform for incident response. 
    2. Improves communication & collaboration between stakeholders, such as IT teams, customers, and business managers during outages & resolution.
    3. Helps reduce downtime by automating tasks, quick identification & rapid response, helping teams to resolve incidents more quickly. 
    4. Minimize the impact of incidents on business operations, preserving customer satisfaction and trust.
    5. Serves as a repository for past incidents’ data, fostering a culture of learning and continuous improvement within the organization.
    6. Encourages multiple team’s productivity by eliminating redundant ticket requests, reducing alert noise, or even solving less priority issues themselves. 
    7. Supplements security & visibility by incorporating robust security measures such as data encryption, role-based access controls, and authentication options to safeguard sensitive information.

    For Enterprise-Level Incident Management, it is imperative to select a top-tier tool that seamlessly integrates with global teams, acknowledging that downtime is a costly affair, emphasizing the necessity for effectiveness, not just functionality.

    Key Features to Look for in Top-tier Incident Management Software

    To guide you through this decision-making process, we've curated a list of key features that distinguish the best Incident Management software in the market. Tailored to meet the needs of both seasoned professionals and those new to the field, these features ensure a seamless and efficient incident response strategy.

    1. Intuitive User Interface

    A user-friendly interface is paramount for swift and effective incident resolution. Look for software that streamlines navigation, minimizing the learning curve for your team.

    2. Automation Capabilities

    Opt for software that offers robust automation features. Automation not only accelerates response times but also reduces the risk of human error during critical incidents.

    3. Customizable Workflows

    Every organization has unique processes. Ensure the software allows for the customization of workflows, empowering you to align Incident Management with your  specific organizational structure.

    4. Real-time Collaboration Tools

    Collaboration is key during incident resolution. Look for software that facilitates real-time communication and collaboration among team members, fostering a unified approach to incident handling.

    5. Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

    Gain insights into incident trends and performance with robust reporting and analytics tools. The ability to analyze past incidents equips your team to proactively address potential challenges.

    6. Integration Capabilities

    Choose software that seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and platforms. This ensures a cohesive Incident Management ecosystem and prevents silos of information.

    7. Scalability

    Your organization may evolve, and so should your Incident Management solution. Select software that can scale alongside your business growth, accommodating increased complexities and demands.

    8. Mobile Accessibility

    Incidents don't adhere to office hours. Opt for software that provides mobile accessibility, allowing your team to respond promptly, regardless of their location.

    9. Multi-Channel Alerting

    Incidents can manifest through various channels. Ensure your software supports multi-channel alerting, guaranteeing that no incident goes unnoticed.

    10. Compliance and Security Measures

    Prioritize software that adheres to industry compliance standards and incorporates robust security measures. Protecting sensitive data is paramount in Incident Management.

    Read more on: Incident Management Tools: Key Features & Best Practices

    Let's navigate through the top Incident Management tools that align with these critical criteria.

    Top 10 Incident Management Tools List

    1. Jira Service Management

    Source: Jira service management

    Jira Service Management is a cloud-based service management platform that helps teams deliver great service at high velocity. It provides a central place to track and manage all types of service requests, from IT incidents to customer support tickets. Jira Service Management also offers a variety of features to help teams automate their workflows, improve communication, and reduce downtime. 

    For advanced Incident Management features like advanced alert integrations and investigations, consider Jira's Premium or Enterprise plans.

    Key Features:

    • Set automation rules within a single project, across multiple projects or across all projects.
    • Built-in knowledge base & SLA management with Incident and Problem Management features. 
    • Dedicated file storage space, even with multiple instances.
    • Service-based organization attributes 
    • Free plan only has access to self-help resources in the Atlassian Community.
    • Customize your notifications & let employees or customers submit requests or incidents straight to the queue via email.


    • Free Plan $0
    • Standard Plan $22.05
    • Premium plan $49.35
    • Enterprise specific plan

    2. Squadcast

    Image source: Squadcast

    With a focus on efficient incident handling, alert routing, and on-call scheduling, Squadcast stands out as a reliable solution for teams adopting Modern Incident Management, SRE, and DevOps practices. What sets it apart is a range of features, including event intelligence, seamless integrations, and enterprise-grade capabilities.

    Key Features:


    • Free plan: $0
    • Pro plan: $9
    • Premium: $16
    • Enterprise: $21

    Free trial: 14-day trial. No credit card required. To get a personalized demo click here.

    3. Service Now

    Source: ServiceNow

    The cloud-based ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) system empowers teams to efficiently handle incidents, tasks, and processes. With a focus on Incident Management, it offers robust features such as incident logging, notification and escalation, incident classification, root cause analysis, and incident resolution.

    Key Features:

    • Auto assignment
    • Automated change approvals
    • Virtual agents
    • Built-in dashboards
    • Mobile Incident Management 
    • Knowledge management
    • Request management

    Pricing Plans:

    • ITSM
    • ITSM Pro
    • ITSM Enterprise
    • Free trial: Unavailable

    For all the above plan pricing details you’ll have to contact ServiceNow.

    4. ClickUp

    Image source: ClickUp

    While primarily a project management tool, ClickUp can serve as an Incident Management tool, offering a versatile platform to "plan, track, and manage any type of work." Although it may lack some Incident Management-specific functionalities found in dedicated solutions, ClickUp provides a comprehensive set of tools.

    Key Features:

    • Gantt charts
    • Agile reporting & templates like Incident Management KPI Tracking Template
    • In-app video recording
    • Track incidents, assign to teams or individuals, and prioritize by severity and impact.
    • Custom task statuses
    • Integration with tools like Slack and Zoom.

    Pricing Plans:

    • Free: $0 per member/month
    • Unlimited: $7 per member/month
    • Business: $12 per member/month
    • Business Plus: $19 per member/month
    • Enterprise: Contact ClickUp
    • Free Trial: Unavailable

    5. NinjaOne

    Image source: NinjaOne

    NinjaOne stands out as IT Incident Management software tailor-made for IT and network security teams. Designed for both internal IT departments and managed service providers (MSPs), the platform offers robust monitoring capabilities for diverse IT infrastructures, including cloud, network devices, Windows servers, and Mac and Windows laptops.

    Key Features:

    • Remote monitoring and management of client IT systems.
    • Patch management for keeping software up to date.
    • Antivirus protection to ensure network security.
    • Backup management to safeguard important data.
    • Network monitoring for identifying and resolving issues.
    • Efficient workflows and intuitive navigation for easy device management.


    • Custom Plan: Contact NinjaOne
    • Free Trial:14 days

    6. SolarWinds Service Desk

    Image source: SolarWinds Service Desk

    SolarWinds Service Desk offers specialized Incident Management software, designed to empower internal IT teams in handling daily issues and resolving incidents effectively. This versatile solution allows all departments to manage tickets seamlessly from various channels, including email, phone, self-service portals, live chat, and mobile apps.

    Key Feature:

    1. Service portal
    2. Community and email support
    3. Optional onboarding services
    4. Knowledge base
    5. Satisfaction surveys
    6. Advanced collaboration tools


    • Essentials: $39 per technician/month
    • Advanced: $79 per technician/month
    • Premier: $99 per technician/month
    • Free Trial: 30 days

    7. Splunk On-Call

    Image source: Splunk On-Call

    Splunk is a robust software platform designed for organizations to search, monitor, and analyze data from various sources, specializing in real-time processing for applications, servers, and networks. Its core value lies in providing a centralized view of data across the organization and observability orchestration that enables better decision-making, operational enhancements, and cost reduction.

    Key Features:

    • Unified platform spanning data from edge to cloud, supporting both containers and monolithic apps.
    • Escalation policies for efficient issue resolution. 
    • Customizable alerting for tailored notifications.
    • Flexible streaming, storage, search, and workload-based pricing, providing the freedom to manage their data according to their preferences.
    • Seamless integration with various monitoring tools.
    • Real-time incident tracking and reporting.


    • Workload Pricing
    • Entity Pricing
    • Ingest Pricing
    • Free Trial: 14 days, up to 5GB Data per day.

    Contact the Splunk team for a quote for all above plans.

    8. Freshservice

    Image source: Freshservice

    Freshservice, Freshworks's cloud-native service management solution, prioritizes modern employee experiences and unified service management, enhancing efficiency, agility, and employee satisfaction through AI-driven contextual and intelligent experiences, open platforms, and scalable integrations for higher ROI and effectiveness.


    • Automate Ticket Routing
    • Ticket prioritization & notifications 
    • Reporting with Dashboards, Analytics & Surveys
    • Multi-channel access with mobile support 
    • Incident Reports 
    • SLA Management 


    • Starter $19
    • Growth $45
    • Pro $95
    • Enterprise $119
    • Free Trial: 21 days

    9. PagerDuty

    Source: PagerDuty

    PagerDuty streamlines Incident Management by automating responses, leveraging machine learning to filter alerts, and ensuring accountability in digital operations. PagerDuty's service-based model, supported by a service directory, acts as a single source of truth, enabling users to pinpoint root causes swiftly. With powerful machine learning, it automates alert grouping, prioritizes issues, and provides contextual insights from past incidents.


    • Workload processing 
    • IT issue identification, proactive workflow, error alerts & service management 
    • Constant monitoring & Ticket accuracy   
    • Lifecycle visualization & Runbook automation
    • ServiceNow & 700+ Integration
    • Artificial intelligence to analyze big data


    • Free Plan
    • Professional Plan: $21
    • Business Plan: $41
    • DigitalOperational Plan: Contact PagerDuty 
    • Free Trial: 14-days

    10. BigPanda

    Image source: Big Panda

    BigPanda's Incident Management software enables IT teams to promptly detect, respond to, and resolve issues. Termed a "single pane of glass" by BigPanda, the Incident 360 Console offers a real-time consolidated view of all ongoing problems.

    Customizable to meet specific needs, BigPanda allows the creation of filtered views. Its live feed presents an overview of active incidents, indicating their last update and priority level. Additionally, a searchable field streamlines incident retrieval, eliminating the need for manual scanning.


    • Correlate events from multiple sources
    • Automate incident routing, notification, and escalation.
    • IT Ops workflows
    • Real-time notifications with reporting and analytics
    • Role-based IT incident access
    • Root cause analysis for IT environments


    • Contact BigPanda
    • Free trial: Unavailable

    Begin Your Journey with Free Incident Management Software

    Maintaining a robust tech stack is crucial in handling the multitude of incidents that may arise. While exploring various lists of Incident Management tools, it's common to encounter pros and cons for each. The paramount objective is to secure an Incident Management tool that comprehensively addresses your needs. 

    In this pursuit, Squadcast, built on best Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices, fulfills major functions, from intelligent alerting and flexible schedules to escalation policies, service catalog, and stakeholder notifications.

    With unparalleled customer support and seamless integration, we ensure a smooth transition from PagerDuty and Opsgenie, getting you up and running swiftly. Begin your journey with Squadcast today through a free trial or schedule a personalized demo for an in-depth exploration of our capabilities.


    By focusing on these key features, you empower your team with a comprehensive Incident Management solution that not only meets current needs but also adapts to future challenges. Stay ahead of incidents, enhance collaboration, and elevate your incident response strategy with software designed for excellence.


    Squadcast is an Incident Management tool that’s purpose-built for SRE. Get rid of unwanted alerts, receive relevant notifications and integrate with popular ChatOps tools. Work in collaboration using virtual incident war rooms and use automation to eliminate toil.

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    November 20, 2023
    November 20, 2023
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