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Squadcast vs. Rootly: Comprehensive Incident Management versus Slack-Based Incident Response

May 9, 2024
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Deciding between Squadcast and Rootly for your incident management needs can be challenging. Let's explore the unique strengths of each platform to help you determine which solution aligns best with your organizational goals.

  • Squadcast: An Integrated Reliability Automation Platform, Squadcast seamlessly combines On-Call Management, Incident Response, SRE Workflows, and Event Aggregation & Correlation with robust Automations. This platform is designed to streamline your incident management processes comprehensively.
  • Rootly: Specializing in Slack-based Incident Response, Rootly offers a focused and intuitive approach to managing incidents directly within your communication tool. While recently expanding into On-Call functionalities, their features in this area are still developing. 


Incident management requires robust systems capable of handling alerts, coordinating teams, and ensuring effective communication. In this comparison, we examine both Squadcast's holistic approach to incident management and Rootly's specialized focus on Slack-based incident response.

Comparative Overview

1. Unified Incident Management

Squadcast offers an integrated solution for incident management that includes incident response, on-call management, communication via Slack integrations, status pages, and task automations. This approach aims to boost team efficiency by consolidating workflows and reducing the dependence on multiple tools. Conversely, Rootly provides a more specialized approach, concentrating primarily on incident response within Slack, which can be particularly advantageous for teams looking for a solution that integrates deeply with their communication tools.

2. On-Call Management

Squadcast has long featured a variety of on-call management features, such as flexible scheduling, detailed escalation policies, and comprehensive mobile incident management. It provides a unified pricing structure that includes these extensive features. Rootly, while newer to on-call management, is rapidly enhancing its capabilities in this area, offering teams on-call scheduling and escalation, although details about its pricing for these features are yet to be clearly defined.

3. Advanced Noise Reduction and Event Intelligence

Squadcast employs advanced AI/ML technologies to help reduce alert fatigue, featuring deduplication, suppression, and intelligent alert grouping. It also enables detailed incident analysis with tools like Service Graph visualization. Rootly, with its primary focus on incident response, may require integration with other tools for noise reduction.

4. Platform Extensibility and Integration

Squadcast offers extensive extensibility with over 175+ native integrations and unrestricted API access, enabling teams to build powerful applications and automate incident handling with tools like Terraform. This openness fosters a diverse ecosystem for managing incidents effectively. Conversely, Rootly’s integration capabilities are limited and the platform is heavily reliant on Slack for incident response features, which could restrict flexibility and scalability.

Feature Comparison

On-Call Management

Feature Squadcast Rootly
Live Call Routing Green check Red cross
Scheduled Templates Green check Red cross
Round Robin Escalations Green check Red cross
Tagging & Routing Rules Green check Red cross
Service Catalog Green check Red cross
Service Health Visualization Green check Red cross
Stakeholders Green check Red cross
Multi-Channel Alerting Green check Limited
Comprehensive Mobile Incident Management Green check Limited
Schedules Green check Green check
Schedule Overrides Green check Green check
Escalation Policies Green check Green check

Squadcast has incorporated On-Call Management as a foundational component from the early stages of its platform development. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, including Live Call Routing, Round Robin Escalations, Routing & Tagging Rules, and Comprehensive Mobile Incident Management. In contrast, Rootly has recently added On-Call Management capabilities to its offerings. 

Noise Reduction and Event Intelligence With AI/MLOps

Feature Squadcast Rootly
ML based Intelligent Alert Grouping Green check Red cross
Rule Based Alert Suppression Green check Red cross
Auto Pause Transient Alerts Green check Red cross
Key Based Alert Deduplication Green check Red cross
Global Event Rules Green check Red cross
Delayed Notifications Green check Red cross
Snooze Notifications Green check Red cross
Past Incidents Green check Red cross
Maintenance Windows Green check Green check
Auto Pause Transient Alerts

With regard to Noise Reduction and Event Intelligence, Squadcast provides a robust set of features, including advanced AI/ML to streamline alert management. This contrasts with Rootly, where additional tools may be necessary to achieve a similar level of noise reduction and event intelligence.

Incident Response

Feature Squadcast Rootly
Slack based Incident Response Green check Green check
ChatOps Integrations With Google Chat, MS Teams & more Green check Red cross
Automated Runbooks Possible through Workflows feature Green check
Automated Workflows Green check Green check
Retrospectives Green check Green check
Incident Notes Green check Green check
Incident Watchers Green check Red cross

Both Squadcast and Rootly offer strong capabilities in incident response. They support Automated Runbooks, Automated Workflows, and the creation of Automated Conference bridges. Rootly enhances its incident response with features like AI-generated Incident Summaries and Titles. Both platforms are also designed to make retrospectives more intuitive, encouraging a blameless culture. 

Pricing Overview

Squadcast provides a clear pricing structure, starting with a free plan for up to 5 users. Paid plans begin at $9 per user per month, covering essential incident management and on-call scheduling features. For advanced Digital Operations and AIOps capabilities, the Enterprise plan is available at $21 per user per month. Conversely, Rootly offers a 14-day free trial and an Enterprise plan, details of which can be discussed with their sales team. Information regarding the inclusion of On-Call features in their plans is not specified.

Choosing the Right Incident Management Platform

When selecting an incident management platform, it is crucial to align the tool with your organization's specific needs and operational dynamics. Squadcast offers a comprehensive, feature-rich platform suitable for organizations looking for an end to end Incident Management platform. On the other hand, Rootly provides a focused, intuitive solution that integrates seamlessly with Slack, making it ideal for teams that prioritize communication within Slack for incident response.

Both platforms offer unique advantages, and the choice between Squadcast and Rootly should ultimately be determined by the specific requirements of your incident management processes, your team's existing workflow, and how the platform's features can enhance your operational efficiency. By carefully considering these factors, organizations can select a platform that not only meets their current needs but also scales effectively with their future growth.

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Squadcast is a leader in Incident Management on G2 Squadcast is a leader in Mid-Market IT Service Management (ITSM) Tools on G2 Squadcast is a leader in Americas IT Alerting on G2
Best IT Management Products 2024 Squadcast is a leader in Europe IT Alerting on G2 Squadcast is a leader in Enterprise Incident Management on G2
Users love Squadcast on G2
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